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Social Media

Social Media

Kapital Online's Social Media Partner Shinesquad makes sure you don’t get left behind.

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The use of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn is fast becoming an effective tactic in terms of online marketing. It’s as simple or as complicated as you care to make it in terms of your online strategy, but can make a huge difference in how you communicate with your customers and build awareness of your brand. Let us help you understand why social media is important and how you can quickly and easily grow your business.


Key areas of focus

- Creating content to engage your customers – video, animation and blogs

- Creating and increasing brand awareness through social media

- Interacting with current and potential customers and clients through social media networking sites

- Dealing with public and negative responses in the online environment

- Setting up and using Twitter to best effect and understanding the boundaries for business


We can provide our services in English and Turkish

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